Born in New Jersey in 1978, Jim is a traditional artist, on a nontraditional path. After showing talent as a youth, he decided to continue his education at Pratt Institute (Brooklyn,NY) focusing on Computer Graphics and Animation and wound up in the Garment Industry in NYC. After 6 successful years in the corporate environment, he decided to expand his disciplines and reach out on his own.

Jim's style is a melting pot of his professional and personal life experiences. His paintings tend to be dark: combining literature, sculpture, and surrealism with many mediums. He often incorporates scripture in many alphabets including one of his own design, to add depth and further meaning to his works.

Conversely his traditional and digital illustration captures a child's energy within a detailed and stylized whimsically themed cartoon, full of life and positivity. Realistic textures and effects coexist with the unique subject matter and story.

He describes his style(s) as the 2 sides of his personality: "With my illustration, I try to capture the whimsy of childhood but often have current life undertones driving the piece. With my fine art, I often use macabre imagery to portray topics based on my faith and positive underlying themes."

Jim has displayed his work in various shows, competitions, and galleries from childhood to present day. He currently resides with his fiance and 2 cats on the Upper East Side painting and illustrating while continuing to do freelance design work.

If you're interested in buying prints/works, contracting Jim, or just saying hi, feel free to email or visit the contact page.

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